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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gambol.


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  • I was over in Cong 3 Summers ago: hadn't changed much from the movie, although I believe they were looking to build a golf course over where Mary Kate Danaher 'gambolled' with her sheep!

    Crimefest IV: How to make a classic movie for £7,000

  • He never played and gambolled about with the other puppies of the camp.

    The Bondage

  • In a word, she gambolled with the freedom of a young lioness, who is unconscious of the weight of her own paws when laid on those whom she sports with.

    The Talisman

  • Troy by those countless oars, what time ye led the Nereids 'dance, where the dolphin music-loving rolled and gambolled round your dusky prows, escorting Achilles, nimble son of Thetis, when he went with Agamemnon to the banks of Trojan Simois;


  • And all the apes danced and gambolled before them, what while the eaters sat at meat; which when Sayf al-Muluk saw, he marvelled at them and forgot that which had befallen him of sufferings. —

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Richmond Green v odd - full of forgive me, but they were braying yuppies shouting "Horatio!" and "Pandora!" and so forth after their children as said children gambolled happily in other families' picnics, took off with other families' footballs, chased other families' dogs, etc.

    V quickly, Monday evening...

  • Some few of the late company who had gambolled in the tower, remained there, spinning over and over a little longer; but these became at every turn more faint, and few, and feeble, and soon went the way of the rest.

    The Chimes

  • A herd of white unicorns gambolled amongst the cultivated flowers, swirling around the bases of the lazily spinning windmills.

    The Strife Ray

  • He gambolled in wildly and behind him twenty others perhaps, mostly

    The Arrow of Gold

  • The sprightly little holiday fairy that had frisked and gambolled so kindly beside us for eight days of sunshine — or rain which was as cheerful as sunshine — gave

    Roundabout Papers


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