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  • n. The fictional universe associated with a game.


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game +‎ world


  • Some people mean something rather like what makes Lord of the Rings appealing for many, the sense that a gameworld is a "total" environment that can be explored comprehensively and has a sense of stable, consistent fictional reality to it.


  • The game's battle system is built around this ability, and the main theme running through the gameworld is the contrast between micro and macro.


  • What is new to the discourse, however, is the idea that, in the Songs, Blake actually constructed virtual spaces, as well as a text-vehicle to navigate those spaces, which together constitute a "gameworld" where the reader can perform and play the dialectic game of contraries.

    Blake's Contraries Game

  • That's the kind of gameworld I really want to play in.

    A Shot Across the Bow

  • At first I was somewhat dismissive of this notion of feedback dissonance – of how what you are shown visually does not always correspond to what you can physically do in a gameworld – but I think it may also be one of the reasons.

    Exposing Lara's... Equanimity?

  • One interesting aspect is the Holonet, a vast database of gameworld history, classes, planets and factions that will be accessible from within the game.

    The Sci-Fi Cast ·

  • The passing of time -- the turning of the years forward in our own lives and backward in the life of the gameworld -- gives Crisis Core added meaning for fans; in revisiting that world, we're revisiting ourselves.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • We watch FFVII's gameworld fall victim to this, and at the same time, we watch our heroes suffer it, too.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • It's an injustice and a violation that it was easy to be sympathetic to as young people discovering that game -- and the evolution of the gameworld provided a cautionary tale about adopting any value system too absolutely, whether oppressor or revolutionary.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • I start explaining to my parents all about action RPGs, and how FO3 isn't really an FPS, and I'm trying to talk about "actions affect the gameworld" and "death of the American dream" and "environmental storytelling," and suddenly it sounds ridiculous to me.

    What My Parents Taught Me About Video Games


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