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  • Have you and a friend both be ganondorf and both use the warlock punch on the sandbag. the first time hi it then charge up again immediatly to hit a second time then wait 1 second and charge up and hit it again. then use the home-run bat on it and it will go over 2000 ft.


  • Verified by: this cheat is unverified have zero hearts when falling down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is really a glithch but funny. (may take a few tries.) go to the last lvl and fight GANONDORF! deplete almost all your hearts then go the tower thingymobob and go to the edge. ganondorf will punch the ground and you'll fall with no hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Step three: choose between these three names, Sheik for easy, Link (default) for normal, and ganondorf for hard.


  • EG: ice ice ice or fire fire fire. target the witch and if it hit it will stun her. then slash. ganondorf - slash the fireball to reflect it back and forth and when he doesn't reflect it stun him with a light arrow and slash him. ganon - target his tail or head and attack with deku nuts, bombs, regular arrows, or the biggoron's sword. circle him to avoid slashes. when he falls get the master sword. attack his tail with this sword. you can stun him by shooting light arrows at his head.



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