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  • n. A bed of flowers or vegetables in a garden.
  • n. A name given to certain small areas covered by a number of low parallel, artificial ridges some six or eight inches high and from four to ten feet apart, found in certain parts of the eastern and central United States. Their significance is not known with certainty.


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  • But still, it acts only as a garden-bed for the green accord of clary sage and galbanum which leads the theme of Vent Vert.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • Under the sun-soaked wall ran a narrow strip of garden-bed full of mignonette and pansies, and from the bees came a low hum in which all other sounds were set — the mooing of a cow deprived of her calf, the calling of a cuckoo from an elm-tree at the bottom of the meadow.

    In Chancery

  • Her first inclination had been to empty her bucket on the garden-bed, let down her skirts, tie on her bonnet and bang the gate behind her.

    Ultima Thule

  • Then they walked round a garden-bed, and went to sit down near the terrace on the kerb-stone of the wall.

    Madame Bovary

  • The humblest New-England cottage has its climbing flowers at the door-post, or its garden-bed in front; but how quickly would these wither, if the neat, brisk house-mistress owned her husband in common with Mrs. Deacon Pratt next door!

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 78, April, 1864

  • These are afterward carefully plowed in; the soil, fertilized still further, if need be, is harrowed and prepared as though for a garden-bed, and the small brown seed sown, from which is to spring the most widely-used of man's useless luxuries.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce

  • This garden-bed he purposely prepared close to a gooseberry-walk.

    Good Stories for Great Holidays

  • He led his father straight to the garden-bed, whereon in large letters, in lines of soft green, was written: --

    Good Stories for Great Holidays

  • A big tree in a garden-bed sucks into its fibres the juices of the soil for many yards around, and other growths are starved, and they wither and die.

    Things That Matter Most: Devotional Papers

  • Another wait followed while she prettily arranged upon the table some dozens of asters from a small garden-bed, tilled, planted, and tended by Laura.

    The Flirt


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