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  • n. The common name of Epeira diadema of Europe, from its being found in great numbers in gardens, especially in autumn, where it stretches its beautiful geometric webs perpendicularly from branch to branch, remaining in the center with its head downward waiting for its prey.


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  • What is more interesting than to see a great yellow garden-spider hanging head downward in the centre of his web, when we approach too closely, instead of deserting his snare, set it vibrating back and forth so rapidly that he becomes a mere blur; a more certain method of escaping the onslaught of a bird than if he ran to the shelter of a leaf.

    The Log of the Sun A Chronicle of Nature's Year

  • In the centre was a circular arrangement of desks, and in the midst of these an elderly man, like a garden-spider in his web; but it was his duty to feed, not devour, the human flies who sat or walked to and fro with literary meat gathered from all over the world.

    Hawthorne and His Circle

  • An elderly man like a garden-spider -- Into the bowels of the earth -- The inner luminousness of genius -- Isolated and tragic situation -- "Ate ever man such a morsel before!"

    Hawthorne and His Circle

  • For you are a garden-spider, an abominable, dumpy, old garden-spider, for whom a web, such as Hodge is, is much too fine and much too elegant.

    Henry VIII and His Court


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