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  • n. Someone active in the garment industry, especially in New York.


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  • Ms. Carroll is obviously not just a garmento but also a gardener, and she and the clarinetist both had the Ellington-Strayhorn floral obsession on the brain.

    Summer Swing Dawns

  • Although according to Wikipedia's definition, the American garmento is an endangered species, (threatened by changing environmental parameters) they're still very much alive here in Midtown Manhattan.

    Jenni Avins: The American Garmento: An Endangered Species in its Natural Habitat

  • By the way, I should point out that "shirting" is garmento-speak for "the stuff you make shirt out of," and should not be confused with "sharting," which is something else entirely.

    BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

  • In New York, fashion is still a garmento business, a triumph of processing through male tailors.

    What Women Want

  • Phil Stanger was your classic garmento: forty years old, five-foot-seven, smoked a cigar, wore custom-made shirts and suits with his initials on the sleeve, smelled of expensive aftershave, wore a gold pinky ring and had a strong Napoleon complex.

    Become Your Own Matchmaker

  • I had what were considered, in garmento speak, to be fit-model dimensions.

    Become Your Own Matchmaker

  • If you're a garmento it's the sort of thing you look at, thump your forehead with your palm, and say, "I can't believe I didn't think of this."

    To Market, To Market: Young Romance and Old World Crafstmanship

  • They had an ease with one another that had developed over the decades, back to the days when they were just Carl the garmento and Bernie the stockbroker.


  • My dad was a garmento on 38th St. for many years, and he and his buddies always ate and drank! at the Taverna.

    Follow the Garment Racks

  • As the months turn, stone fruit ripens, and the Dodgers suffer another round of midsummer blues, so too does LudoBites return to Gram & Papa's, the garmento lunch counter that hosted the pop-up restaurant's greatest success.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue


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