from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A furnace heated by the combustion of gas.
  • n. A furnace for distilling gas from coal or some other form of carbon.
  • n. The name is now applied to many different types of forges, ovens, and furnaces heated by natural gas, water-gas, or generator gas, and used in assaying, annealing, brazing, carbonizing, enameling, forging, japanning, melting, soldering, tempering, or welding metals, and also in warming buildings. Gas-furnaces are named from the work for which they are used: as the an-nealing gas-furnace, the brazing gas-furnace, etc. They consist commonly of a steel frame or box, lined with firebrick or other refractory material, and one or more gas-burners which deliver the gas, mixed with air, under the pressure of an air-blast.


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