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  • Gastric; intestinal: occasionally applied in embryology to the intestinal or inner primary germ-layer, or endoderm.


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  • "It probably was some kind of gastral event, Peachey said. RSS

  • In his 2 short years on earth, Eric has undergone two cardiac catherizations, and another procedure to combat gastral reflux caused from being on a ventilator for so long.

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  • UMNH VP 18040; articulated partial postcranial skeleton including portions of 11 dorsal vertebrae, 16 dorsal ribs, both pectoral girdles, a nearly complete left and partial right forelimb, partial pelvis, partial left hind limb, and partially articulated array of gastral ribs.

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  • An intact, though distorted gastral array is visible on the medial surface of the ventral abdominal wall (

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