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  • n. South Korean pop music (K-pop).


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Korean 가요, 歌謠 (gayo), meaning pop music, including K-pop, trot and any foreign pop music.


  • As the train slowly makes its way across the bridge, the women in the 'ladies only' compartment pronounce the same words almost in unison, "Samundar aayee gayo" (the sea has come). Current News - Top Stories

  • Happy new year. i agree those gayo show really make those singers feel exhausted and tired, some even ended up in hospital .. upon watching those gayo i feel excited but at the same time i feel bad .. i hope they could really take a break. News

  • The year-end gayo festivals always comes in for criticism but nothing is done. News

  • As what the chinese article says maybe having an yearly Big gayo show will be more than enough instead of 3.. News

  • Why would they stop since a joint gayo festival would just eat into their advertising dollars. News

  • There have been calls since 2005 for a joint year-end festival instead but until now, the 3 tv stations have continued their individual gayo festivals. News

  • From 29th to 31st December, SBS, KBS and MBC will have their year-end gayo festivals to usher in the new year. News

  • But in contrast, singers who attend the gayo festivals usually have to think up of special performances. News

  • When it comes to the final 3 days of the year, many singers would be invited to perform at the 3 major Korean tv stations gayo festivals. News

  • From the list of singers invited to the gayo festivals, you will find that most of them are kind of similar too. News


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