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  • n. guy, fellow


Possibly from Spanish gazapo ("sly fellow") (Wiktionary)


  • You certainly did look mad when you came out of that office-building; and the only regret I feel about it, is that I didn't stand within comfortable easy reach of the gazabo that made you feel like that.

    The Last Woman

  • I had me doubts about the bunch from the beginning, ma'am, when they came a-sneakin 'up to me fire, and eatin' of me grub; and when that other gazabo dropped from the trees, sure, I was certain of it.

    A Woman at Bay Or, a Fiend in Skirts

  • “I’ll thank ye tell me what they mean by that old gazabo on the top of the market-place, ” said she, in a burst of ridicule fit to have brought the old tower down.

    XXVIII. In Which Amelia Invades the Low Countries

  • I was afraid that gazabo was going to run over you, is why I cut it. ''

    Jean of the Lazy A

  • I figger they ain't a gazabo on the track can hand it to me.

    Blister Jones

  • A big gazabo in a red wig held up Frost, the engineer.

    Bucky O'Connor

  • “Say, bub, if you ever strike an old gazabo as soft as dat one, lemme know, will ye?”

    From the Bottom Up

  • “Der's an old gazabo here,” said the bouncer to me one day, “and he's got de angel goods on him O.K.”

    From the Bottom Up

  • "Perhaps he's the gazabo that monkeyed with our machines," suggested

    Boy Scouts on Motorcycles With the Flying Squadron

  • "Why," was the reply, "this gink here," pointing toward the prisoner whose disguise had been removed, "this gazabo hadn't much confidence in his own ability to win this fight, so he appealed to the revolutionary leaders."

    Boy Scouts on Motorcycles With the Flying Squadron


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