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  • n. That which concerns geeks.


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  • For those not sufficiently steeped in geekery: What If? was a series in which each issue told the story of the Marvel Universe with some crucial variable changed — What if Spiderman joined the Fantastic Four?,

    Black Summer’s End

  • Elsewhere on the word geekery front, I love this Language Log

    About Last Night

  • This is one of those things that I forget to think is remarkable, because I have the sense that everyone’s heard the story before – because I’m deeply buried in geekery

    More Fun With FISA

  • * I'm not sure exactly what Heidi MacDonald is getting at with this essay on the effects of widespread Internet usage on fan favorites, although I suspect she's on more interesting ground when she discusses how the actor Bruce Campbell has been able to make art for hardcore fans in a way that might have an overall negative effect on his career than she is when she talks more generally about the idea of geekery as rebellion.


  • Sharing a love of biometrics and "geekery", the couple that makes up

    Latest Marketing News On Marktd

  • I've hung out with enough graphic design nerds to know how tedious their fetish can be to the unconverted, and the options for a documentary about rock posters seemed to be either that kind of geekery or hipster hagiography.


  • Condor also includes a reading list of "geekery" on the subject.

    Daily Options Report

  • But even if it doesn't rain, I say after all of this heat wave, it's the perfect timing for the perfect pairing and staying inside to taste (drink) fine wines, eat delectable cheeses, learn from the best in the business and, if you are so inclined on the "geekery" side of things, going tech with what you are taking in - blogging, flickring, tweeting all of your new wine and cheese knowledge and experiences, all day.


  • I was concerned early on in the narrative that we'd simply get travelogue and cataloging of various geekery, but not much in the way of character development or progression.

    Andy Wilson: Required Summer Reading for Geeks: Lost at the Con

  • I very much want people to say "I'm not a Trekkie or anything, but it looks good, so I want to go see it," in much the same way that Christopher Nolan took Batman far beyond the realms of comic book geekery.

    Revisiting Star Trek [Part 7 of 7]: The New Trek Reboot


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