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  • n. Synonym for geisha (from the Japanese Kyoto dialect).


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  • She calls the geiko to her side and thanks her tearfully for taking such good care of her husband.

    Geisha, A Life

  • In Gion Kobu we don’t refer to ourselves as geisha meaning “artist” but use the more specific term geiko,“woman of art.”

    Geisha, A Life

  • But she also knew that the only collateral she had against her debts was her future earnings, and that being a geiko was the quickest way for her to earn money.

    Geisha, A Life

  • Accordingly, I will use the terms geiko and maiko throughout the rest of this book.

    Geisha, A Life

  • One of our geiko was the biggest star in Gion Kobu.

    Geisha, A Life

  • The first kimono I wore as a geiko was a formal crested one made of black silk, embellished with a pattern of tie-dyed and embroidered seashells.

    Geisha, A Life

  • I was never more aware of Sayuri's Kyoto dialect — in which geisha themselves are called geiko, and kimono are sometimes known as obebe — than when I began to wonder how I would render its nuances in translation.

    Memoirs of a Geisha

  • The fee buys you a beer, snacks and a chat with a maiko or a "geiko," as geisha are known in Kyoto. Antenna

  • Schroeder is adamant that he has represented geisha culture (or, as the Japanese prefer to call it, 'geiko' culture) in a way that no Japanese audience can find fault with. "

    GreenCine Daily

  • The Good news is ... i saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance to geiko [sp] ...

    JaVale McGee and Jeff Green officially cut from Team USA


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