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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gelatinize.


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  • The gold fob watch is molded of a kind of gelatinized bouillon composed of beef and mushroom stocks reduced into a syrup, leaf gelatine and 10-year-old Madeira hand-wrapped with edible gold leaf.

    Mock Turtle Soup at The Fat Duck | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Comcast answers that question by giving a $5 one-time discount to every subscriber in Tucson, AZ who had their cerebellum gelatinized by seeing the porno movie that accidentally cut into the Super Bowl last night, according to a rumor a reporter we know overheard in their newsroom.

    Comcast To Give $5 To Every Accidental Penis Viewer? - The Consumerist

  • You state that the schmaltz on top of chilled chicken stock has gelatinized.

    Latke-Vision: It Sure Beats The Yule Log

  • Even when, by the elasticity of the flesh, that cavity closed up some, it closed up on organs that had been gelatinized, literally turned to viscosity.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • You can use slurries to thicken larger quantities of liquid, such as soups, but this can create an unpleasant, overly gelatinized texture; roux is the recommended thickener for soups.


  • Reminds me of this with "this" being link to some horrid molded gelatinized creation of yore that you find in old cookbooks full of unfortunate recipes.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Among the deadliest obstacles: oil drums filled with gelatinized gasoline, buried in the sand beneath barbed wire, which, when detonated, explode like napalm.

    To The Shores Of Kuwait

  • She prepares an aspic or solid, gelatinized "soup" that slips inside the dumpling and stays solid until steam-heated.

    Playing With Our Food

  • The inside had fully gelatinized into a moist, elastic, chewy crumb marked with lots of uneven holes; another mark of excellent dough technique.

    You gonna eat that? Random musings on food and life in Orange County, California » SF Bay trip, part 2

  • A minty chocolate gelato, dehydrated raspberries, candied ginger jelly, dried chocolate cookies like big versions of the crunchies in a Cookiepuss and a square like a gelatinized mousse.

    El Bulli: 444 impossibillian stars


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