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  • n. Any gelled suspension made for culinary purposes.
  • n. A traditional form of West African headwrap worn by women.


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From the French gelée.

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From the Yoruba word gele for a woman's headwrap.


  • A pink layer of plum gelee, which is similar to a tart jelly, contrasts the creamy nuttiness of the chestnut panna cotta beautifully. Front Page

  • "Sun Dried" Tomato Salad: The "sun dried" tomatoes were a kind of gelee of sun-dried tomato.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Dessert: Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate infused with raspberry creme, paired with yuzu gelee and a mint lollipop

    Governors Ball features a colorful theme and praise for the host

  • Smoked Salmon Terrine with caviar, cucumber lime gelee.

    Liz Neumark: The Buzz on Trends for Spring

  • Served in a chocolate cup, the dessert started with a chocolate mousse base, topped with a layer of tiramisu, mini chocolate-covered biscuits (for crunch) a coffee gelee and a lemon-scented mascarpone mousse topping.

    Baking Bites » Print » Starbucks Fusion with Michalak

  • But last night we had a Mushroom Green Pepper Pate with cornichons and gelee $9 which tasted like a fresh version of chopped liver!

    Jay Weston: Seed Bistro Is Vegan.. But Wait, It's Delicious!

  • For $500 tickets, you could get Spicy King Crab with Tobanjan Aioli and cilantro from Morimoto NYC, veal Saltimbocca soup dumplings from Del Posto, Bratwurst corn dogs from Cookshop, rice cracker crusted tuna from Perry Street and a lobster summer roll with citrus-dill gelee and a siraracha emulsion from Spice Market.

    Chefs Cook for Charity

  • Desserts from Pastry Chef Rommel de Leon are in keeping with the wondrous food... like Amarillo $8, ripe mango atop corn shortbread, with passion fruit and tamarind gelee with black rice ice cream.

    Jay Weston: Chef John Sedlar's Innovative Latin Food at Playa

  • The best, though, is also the simplest appropriate, as "Desnuda" is Spanish for "nude" or "bare": raw Beau Soleil oysters with chipotle mignonette, shallot-tosazu gelee and other seasonal sauces.

    Bare on the Half Shell

  • Claudio Papapietro for The Wall Street Journal Oysters, with shallot-tozazu gelee and chipotle mignonette.

    Bare on the Half Shell


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