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  • v. Present participle of gender.
  • n. The assignment of gender to something or somebody.


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  • Otherwise, the sources are ambivalent in gendering the crusaders, identifying the sex only of individual children, most notably the leaders, who were male. back

    A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • The mis-gendering is more subtle than wrong pronouns in this one (which, it is true occurs so often that I suppose we should be grateful it’s avoided that), but what it * does* do is artificialise her gender, suggest it to be less real than cis genders.

    Trans woman murdered in Belgrade

  • One of the ways that such consumption of cultural forms might indeed change material practice is, I suggest, through the consolidating or overthrow of the affective practice of the subject, by which I here chiefly mean gendering, which is for us not mainly a matter of consciousness, i.e. of ideology but of her feelings.

    Political Affairs Magazine

  • It laid the groundwork for me for an understanding that costuming and a little bit of "gendering" can be, when responsibly used, a very powerful aspect of performance.

    Albert Imperato: Cameron Carpenter -- Taking His Organ on the Road

  • So gender structures are 'gendering' the dilemma and making it much worse for women than for men

    Crooked Timber

  • My first response to such challenges would be that they in themselves express a certain kind of gendering of the woman professor.

    Reassigned Time

  • For, &c. -- "For ye received not (at the time of your conversion) the spirit of bondage," that is, "The spirit ye received was not a spirit of bondage." again -- gendering. to fear -- as under the law which "worketh wrath," that is, "Such was your condition before ye believed, living in legal bondage, haunted with incessant forebodings under a sense of unpardoned sin.

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • I often wonder why Americans, in particular, are so insistent on gendering in this context?

    On Profanity: 3

  • It is suggested that gender is a property, not of persons themselves but of the behaviours to which members of a society ascribe a gendering meaning.

    Wikipedia on Derrida and deconstruction, Foucault and structuralism, postmodernism and discourse

  • What annoys me besides the whole Pocahontas in blue thing here is the compulsive heterosexist gendering.

    Will You Go See Avatar?


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