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  • adj. Of a person who identifies as (has a gender identity which is) neither male nor female, but outside of the gender binary and/or gender spectrum.
  • n. Someone who is genderqueer.


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gender +‎ queer


  • I use the term genderqueer as a self-descriptor at times, both because it fits better than most alternatives and because of a desire for solidarity with others who feel to varying degrees comfortable with that particular label… but the gender-identity label I feel fits me best of all possible options is Jack.

    The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist

  • For awhile I questioned why I identified as genderqueer, wondering if maybe I was being complicit with the misogyny of our culture - hating my body because I was told by the patriarchy that it was disgusting and vile.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • I identify as genderqueer in a rather relaxed way, but I read AfterEllen because I view it as a queer inclusive space and I think there is a difference between a space being transpositive and transinclusive. - Because visibility matters

  • Now a generation is graduating from them using words like "genderqueer" -- meaning that one doesn't identify exclusively as male or female.

    The American Prospect Articles

  • It is important for me to be able to identify as a genderqueer dyke - or a female bodied, non-woman-identified person who prefers other female bodied people, regardles of gender ID. - Because visibility matters

  • There are more episodes planned, but I suspect every person who identifies as genderqueer will define it - and present it - differently than the next.


  • If it's OK to identify as straight while really being bisexual, or define yourself as "genderqueer" while being married with 2.4 Roombas (and it is, don't get me wrong), then I don't see why I can't define myself as a gay woman.

    I hope when the end comes it is painless

  • I knew you call yourself "genderqueer" but didn't know details beyond that.

    Back again, but this time here to stay

  • Vasold identifies as "genderqueer," a term for those who don't adhere to either strictly male or strictly female gender roles.

    Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News

  • It's because we don't neatly fit our gender identities; we're often "genderqueer" as well.

    feminist blogs


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