generationally love


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  • adverb With regard to the generations


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  • I am perfectly willing to consider genetic and/or developmental factors, as well as sociological factors – including that an increase in number generationally is related to gross species overcrowding.

    Danger, Will Robinson!!

  • We cite them merely to illustrate how slowly generationally driven changes in church attendance accumulate.

    American Grace

  • One final caution: If the differences between one generation and the next are small, then generationally based social change will be real and significant but very slow—perhaps taking many decades to become substantial.

    American Grace

  • Technically speaking, Hout and Fischer estimate that “more than half” of the recent increase in nones is generationally based and about one third reflect a rise of nones among all generations after 1990.

    American Grace

  • Careful measurement is needed to detect long-term climate change amidst the ups and downs of the daily weather report, and so too we will need careful measurement to detect generationally based change in religious behavior.

    American Grace

  • That specific timing—that generationally based declines in religious observance sped up in the 1960s, stabilized from the 1970s to the 1990s, and then accelerated again toward the turn of the century—is consistent with the evidence in Figure 3.3.

    American Grace

  • Often aggressive and belligerent, the generationally biased—let's call them Gee-Bees—rarely attribute their affection for the music of their youth to tender memories.

    Meet the Gee-Bees

  • WSJ music critic Jim Fusilli introduces you to the 'Gee-Bees', the generationally biased among us who rarely attribute their affection for the music of their youth to fond memories.

    Music Sales, Show Tickets Rose in 2011

  • And, generationally, most parents are neither tech- nor internet-savvy enough to appropriately and wisely advise their own kids on safe surfing.

    April Rudin: Why Parents Must Be On Top of Their Kids' Online Escapades

  • Prions are misfolded proteins that act like viruses and/or genetic disorders, which is crazy since they have no DNA and technically cannot be passed down generationally.

    Interview with Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero


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