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  • n. The total genetic content contained in a haploid set of chromosomes in eukaryotes, in a single chromosome in bacteria, or in the DNA or RNA of viruses.
  • n. An organism's genetic material.

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  • n. The complete genetic information (either DNA or, in some viruses, RNA) of an organism, typically expressed in number of basepairs.

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  • n. the ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism; the full DNA sequence of an organism


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

gen(e) + -ome.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From German Genom; gene +‎ -ome


  • Following the term genome, these are called connectomes.

    The Ultimate Brain Quest

  • If your genome is altered during your life (say, you get sun cancer, or catch a 'bug' that inserts DNA into your genes) it is not supposed to be heritable – individual organisms do not evolve.

    Assessing Causality

  • In particular, I don't have time to read many hand-waving, then the genome is acquired just-so stories.

    Bits and Pieces of an RNA World

  • On a planet where no genomes exist, a genome is the target and the wall is the range of possible sequences.

    A Minimal Genome

  • Arguably, the genome is the most important linear information stream on the planet -- so I decided to write a computer program to translate DNA sequences to musical notes.

    - Boing Boing

  • Retroviruses are the only group of viruses known to have left a fossil record, in the form of endogenous proviruses, and approximately 8% of the human genome is made up of these elements1, 2.

    A New Wrinkle on Parasitic Elements

  • My genome is extremely personal, so the thought of someone else using my genome to make them money would frustrate me, i.e. insurance companies.

    Cooperative Blog » Blog Archive » This is a half-formed thought

  • If a human parent confers 100 harmful mutations to his kids on average, how many kids must the parent have to ensure the genome is cleaned out.

    The Weasel Thread

  • The mapping of the human genome is now allowing us to identify genetic clusters that people of certain races or ethnic groups belong to (our understanding of genetics was much poorer back when Lewontin was writing).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » But Isn’t It a Bit Hard to Predict With a 7-Year-Old?

  • In a sense, the genome is making an "educated guess" based on past experience, giving the new variety of humans a better statistical chance to succeed by mixing and matching and even expanding upon varieties of past traitssmell, scent production, communication abilities in both the brain and elsewhere.

    An Interview with Greg Bear for Darwin's Children


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