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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gentrify.


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  • A Girls’Rock Camp sponsored day show at Café Mundi — a railroad-side coffee shop and show space whose slogan, “Hard to find, easy to love,” is sadly no longer applicable in gentrified East Austin — included one completely unexpected surprise: Girl in a Coma, a three-woman San Antonio pop-punk band anchored by charismatic Latina frontwoman Nina Diaz.

    Erica C. Barnett as Music Journalist: Her Report from SXSW « PubliCola

  • Hisoric and so-called gentrified areas are the most integrated racially and economically in the US.

    Revisiting Gentrification In OTR

  •   To give bad directions to the incoming hordes of tourists and suburbanites seeking to horn in on the urban energy that long-time residents have created, but won't be able to afford if their neighborhoods are "gentrified".

    Boston Artists Fight Gentrification, One SUV at a Time

  • Compare and contrast with Tom Moody, who also likes lo-fi music and computer graphics, but who is some kind of gentrified punk rock snob lacking any redeeming qualities, including passion.

    Ethics by Artistotle

  • It isn't upscale like some of the other areas (not mine!), but is slowly becoming "gentrified".

    Location of Colonia Guadalupe in SMA?

  • Those "gentrified" units now rent for about $500 a month, still reasonable for people of moderate means.

    Revisiting Gentrification In OTR

  • Much of the city's center is being 'gentrified'; walls glisten with fresh paint.

    Witch Hunt in Prague

  • Mrs Croft spoke in a kind of gentrified Cockney, which became less gentrified as time went on and more couples spilled down the stairs and into the large, sofa-crammed living room.

    Strip Jack

  • We drove through a bottom, full of the smell of dirt and acrid smoke from mounds of burning leaves in the fall; across a tangle of rails; and through a "gentrified" portion of town where people 20 or 30 years ago bought and renovated down-at-the-heels cottages from the 1880s.

    Local News from Tuscaloosa News

  • Seelig said another focus for housing advocates such as himself is to locate more projects in city downtowns and village centers, to both strengthen the economies there and to ensure that affordable housing isn't "gentrified" to the point that only the wealthy can afford it. Sports


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