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  • adv. In a geodesic manner
  • adv. With regard to geodesy


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  • Their approaches were quite different, and Biruni's is more geodesically fundamental, but Eratosthenes (who, to be fair to the theme of middle-eastern contributions, was born in Libya and lived in Alexandria) got there first.

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  • The smallest such d is called the diameter of the universe, and the universe will have a definable "volume" or "scale" "¦ A compact space is a stronger condition: in the context of Riemannian manifolds, it is equivalent to bounded and geodesically complete" ¦ If the spatial geometry is spherical, the topology is compact.

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  • Classical concepts of order-convex sets (Birkhoff) and of geodesically convex sets (Menger) are directly inspired by intuition; they go back to the first half of this century.

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  • For example, Geroch (1968) demonstrates that a spacetime can be geodesically complete and yet possess an incomplete timelike path of bounded total acceleration ” that is to say, an inextendible path in spacetime traversable by a rocket with a finite amount of fuel, along which an observer could experience only a finite amount of proper time.

    Singularities and Black Holes

  • The deletion of the points p1-p4 means that the Deutsch-Politzer spacetime is singular in the sense that it is geodesically incomplete. [

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