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  • n. those cells of an individual that have genetic material that could be passed to offspring; the source of gametes


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  • And it never gets passed to offspring unless it's incorporated in germline cells.

    Assessing Causality

  • It became obvious to Evans that an alternative strategy had to be used if one were to obtain germline transmission derived from cultured embryonic stem cells.

    The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Advanced Information

  • This is gene transfer involving the germline, which is a concern, but we are pursuing it not for general use but for patients with mutations they will pass to the next generation.

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  • They found that the so-called germline stem cells grew nearly as fast as embryonic stem cells and produced many of the specialized protein markers that are associated with embryonic stem cells.

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  • In higher plants, each fertile flower has the equivalent of a "germline" in it.

    Nobel Lecture The Significance of Responses of the Genome to Challenge

  • Variants in the ordinary, or "germline," sequence of the genome that is passed between generations were linked to risk of disease, while "somatic" mutations were found in tumor cells as these cells run amok. deCODE genetics and Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in the Netherlands announce a discovery that appears to bridge this divide.

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  • For the study, Ji Wu of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and colleagues removed ovaries from mice and sifted through millions of cells to identify a small number that appeared to have characteristics of female "germline" stem cells, which theoretically would be able to become eggs.


  • "germline" stem cells - cells that can pass their genetic material to future generations.

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  • One of the most dramatic possibilities is that elements of DNA have entered the germline from viruses.

    About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'

  • Recurrent 22q11. 2 deletion in a sibship suggestive of parental germline mosaicism in velocardiofacial syndrome.

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