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  • v. get something or somebody for a specific purpose


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  • I turned to Ev. "I'm gonna keep this in my boot tonight so Bult can't get hold of it," I said and went over to my bedroll.

    Futures Imperfect

  • “Could you do me a big favor and try and get hold of Carol Amen and tell her that I might be a bit late for my meeting with her.”

    Walls of Silence

  • Paula had started to get hold of Miranda and the grip loosenedfor a second, long enough for me to grab a breath, clear wig hair out of my eyes, before the vice was reapplied.

    Walls of Silence

  • It was either that or trying to get hold of someone like Jack Kempinski, a one-room, one-photocopier attorney, and instruct him over the phone from Bombay, explain my situation and give him a swift résumé of the assets with which I could remunerate him.

    Walls of Silence

  • His companions had been taken, tried, and convicted, and were now in the State prison -- where also would Robert Lefroy soon be if any of the officers of the State could get hold of him.

    Dr. Wortle's School

  • 'Brim, if you should need any more help or anything, and can't get hold of me, there's a man called Mendel who lives in Mitcham, a retired police inspector.

    A Murder of Quality

  • So it was arranged, and the "poor desolate boy" became the happiest of the young pickles whom it was Mrs Wortle's special province to spoil whenever she could get hold of them.

    Dr. Wortle's School

  • “Mr. Rossetti, get hold of yourself,” said their neighbor.

    The Wayward Muse

  • I would now have one with all the executive heads we can get hold of within the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, which I chair regularly in my capacity as emergency relief coordinator, as mandated by a General Assembly resolution.

    A Billion Lives

  • Sometimes these clever crooks get hold of wild hearties like Ramillies and impress them.

    The Fashion in Shrouds


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