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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a geyser.


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geyser +‎ -like


  • The same core ingredients are present on "Down There," but instead of emerging geyserlike, they ooze and drip out, creating a sound that's filled with foreboding but stops just short of being sinister.

    CD review 'Down There' by Avey Tare

  • He compared it to BP's conduct in managing the geyserlike oil spill at BP's Deepwater Horizon rig, which has called into question the company's pronouncements about its commitment to safety.

    BP broke policy on political donations, records show

  • She reached the bathroom just in time as the whiskey surged up, geyserlike, from her revolting stomach.

    The Unforgiven

  • But he discovered, some thirty yards to southward of the circle of stone posts, a boiling geyserlike pool in the rock floor, whence the thick steam continually arose, and which at times burst up in terrific seething.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • On top of the load, with the stock projecting well forward, I quite often was able to recognize old Suse, the ancient firearm of geyserlike proclivities.

    Maw's Vacation The Story of a Human Being in the Yellowstone

  • Was the emotion she had just witnessed -- flinging itself geyserlike into sight, only to sink back as swiftly out of ken -- was it an effect of the past or an omen of the future?

    The Testing of Diana Mallory

  • He is, besides, brimful and spilling over with a quality of fun that is geyserlike in its spontaneity and intermittent flow.

    The Under Dog

  • He spotted the geyserlike spray from its blow hole first.

    The Seattle Times

  • Triptik, 2009, one of the panels features a reddish-brown geyserlike form wrapped in plastic that is slit at the center, revealing an alarming wad of soaked cloth in bloody hues.


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