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  • n. Islam A man who has fought successfully against infidels.
  • n. Islam Often used as a title for such a warrior.

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  • n. A hero or champion, especially as a Muslim against non-Muslims; often used as a title.

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  • n. Among Mohammedans, a warrior champion or veteran, esp. in the destruction of infidels.

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  • n. A veteran soldier of Islam; especially, a title given in Turkey to sovereigns or subjects renowned for wars with infidel forces.
  • n. Among Mohammedans, a warrior, especially one who has been victorious over infidels; a popular ‘hero.’


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Arabic ġāzī, raider, warrior, active participle of ġazā, to raid; see ġzw in Semitic roots.

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From Arabic غازي, active participle of غزا ‘raid’.


  • Yet the man they miscall ghazi sought but the key to Khinjan Caves, with no thought at all about Heaven!

    In The Time Of Light

  • Frequent '' ghazi '' (plural '' ghazawāt '') or raids on the Quraish by Muhammad and his followers over the years finally erupted into a full-blown Battle of Badr (624 AD), one of the few mentioned in the Qur'an.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • [Footnote 321: "A ghazi is a man who, purely for the sake of his religion, kills an unbeliever, Kaffir, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, or

    The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.)

  • Dozens of Facebook groups extol him as, among other things, a ghazi religious warrior, "the new hero of Pakistan," and "the great soldier of Islam."

    Confronting the Myth of 'Moderate Pakistan'

  • Mahmud called his troops “ghazi,” warriors for the faith, and termed his campaign a “jihad” to defend orthodox Sunni observance against the heresy of Ismaili Shia.

    The Historical Interaction between the Buddhist and Islamic Cultures before the Mongol Empire ��� 18 The Ghaznavids and Seljuqs

  • A ghazi — raid — one group of Bedouin carried off against another, that meant trampling two fields and killing a milch cow.

    O Jerusalem

  • As quick as thought the tent was struck, the pegs wrenched from the ground, and the ghazi surrounded, overpowered, secured, and incidentally in due course hanged.

    The Story of the Guides

  • Godby-road, named after General C.J. Godby, who after nearly losing his head from a sabre stroke in the Sikh War, again well-nigh lost it near this spot at the hands of a ghazi.

    The Story of the Guides

  • Their advance was made steadily and in perfect silence, without a shout or a word of any kind, unlike the yelling charge of the Afghan _ghazi_.

    The Story of the Guides

  • By far the most important decision taken by any world leader in this entire episode--the decision that made all the difference--was President Obama's decision that the United States and the world could not stand by and see the people of Ben ghazi massacred.

    Breaking News: CBS News


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