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  • n. A story about ghosts or in which ghosts are introduced; hence, by extension, any story or statement to which no credence should be given.


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  • This led to a marathon of ghost-story swapping over breakfast.

    Varla Ventura: The Curious Case of the Haunted Toothbrush

  • His first book, a widely praised biography of the scholar and ghost-story writer M.R. James, was published by OUP in 1983.

    Michael Cox biography

  • June 17 was an especially stormy night, and holed up in the Villa Diodati and fueled by rounds of ghost-story telling, the group decided to hold a competition to see who could write the scariest tale.

    Byron in Paradise

  • "At Chrighton Abbey" by Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1871) Another classic of ghost-story writing, with a doomed family and a crumbling, historic house at the heart of it.

    Kate Mosse's top 10 ghost stories

  • It's as if everyone figured they could keep Hereafter from turning ghost-story hokey by making it grounded and attractive, and matter-of-fact.

    Contemplating The 'Hereafter,' Unhurriedly

  • When her son's fiction-reading sparked his interest in Venice several years back, "off we went on one of the most memorable experiences of our lives," she said, on a Venice adventure that included a ghost-story tour, museums and lots of pizza.

    The Readers' Turn: Traveling and Charity

  • "The Furnished Room" has found its way into respected ghost-story anthologies.

    His Writers' Workshop? A Prison Cell

  • Barzak's One For Sorrow is part ghost-story, part urban fantasy, and part noirish coming-of-age tale set in an industrial town where everyone knows everyone.

    One For Sorrow

  • An old-fashioned American ghost-story, The Fog is a campfire tale brought to life, bathed in swirling mist and darkness.

    The Fog (1980)

  • Ghost Radio is a terrifying novel about a ghost-story call-in radio show that inadvertently opens a doorway into the paranormal, giving voice to the dead and instigating an epic battle for the souls of the living.

    Debut Showcase: Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout


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