from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A measure of computing speed equal to one billion floating-point operations per second.

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  • n. A unit of measure for the calculating speed of a computer equal to one billion (109) floating point operations per second.


giga- + FLOP.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
giga- +‎ flop. (Wiktionary)


  • Since we are talking about going from 10 dollars a gigaflop to 25 cents a gigaflop render farms can afford to be smaller or they can afford to make them much more powerful for the same amount.

    Early Buzz: 24 Minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar Screened | /Film

  • As a measure of how far these machines have come, consider this: In the early 1990s, supercomputers cost about $1 million per gigaflop.

    Japanes Computer Breaks Petaflop Barrier | Impact Lab

  • Just a few short years ago, one gigaflop of processing power running in a Beowulf cluster setup would have run you about $30,000.

    Supercomputing's Next Revolution

  • Flop as in gigaflop, 1 million iPads sold on day 1.


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    Next Big Future

  • Llano will combine a DX11, gigaflop-capable, graphics core with a quad core processor on a single die.

    Maximum PC all RSS Feed

  • Germany's IBM QS22 supercomputer cluster is one of the world's most energy-efficient clusters, consuming about 2 Watts per gigaflop. News

  • One measure of the MDGrape-3’s ultra-efficient computing muscle is its cost per gigaflop (1 billion floating-point calculations per second), which Riken puts at $15.

    Japanes Computer Breaks Petaflop Barrier | Impact Lab

  • By comparison, BlueGene/L’s is $140 per gigaflop and the Earth Simulator’s $8,000.

    Japanes Computer Breaks Petaflop Barrier | Impact Lab


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