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  • Gaber swung his gimballed chair about and pointed his inking pen at the core monitor screen.

    Cattle Town

  • The second man busied himself positioning the gimballed arm of the x-ray generator.

    Neurosurgical Intervention For Beginners

  • Under such thrust, when linear and angular vectors combined to skew the direction of "down," people must move from their private cabins, from all their comfortable and convenient facilities, to cramped quarters on the gimballed decks, which swung to give horizontally underfoot.


  • The man in the canoe worked the gimballed engine back and forth to straighten out again.


  • Electric motors in the gimballed base of the tripod began to whine and the dish first rotated around to a southerly heading and then rocked back to fifty-two degrees elevation.

    Pressure Point

  • They were dark, and all of them had two men asleep in the narrow beds built against each side, all but one, which held Loial, sitting on the floor between the beds — and barely fitting — scribbling in his cloth-bound book of notes by the light of a gimballed lantern.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • The lamp in its gimballed bracket was empty of oil, the reservoir dry since the evening before.


  • Charts flapped helter-skelter across the table, and the lantern pitched on gimballed mounts, flame extinguished in the draught.


  • The spy-glass, though splendidly gimballed to deal with the worst vagaries of pitching and rolling, was quite incapable of coping with even the mildest vibration which, more often than not, produced a very fuzzy photograph indeed.


  • But in an emergency his brain leveled itself like a ship's compass gimballed to hang plumb in the suddenest typhoon.

    Empire Builders


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