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  • adj. superlative form of girly: most girly.
  • adj. superlative form of girlie: most girlie.


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  • Suzanne is, perhaps, the 'girliest' woman in science or technology that I know.

    skittledog: Finding Ada Lovelace in my friends

  • To buck the trend, help your daughters understand that engineering is a part of everyday life -- even for the "girliest" of activities.

    Family: Scientist At Play

  • It never ceases to amaze that the "girliest" of men among us, those who send others to fight illegal wars but who did everything in their rich daddy's power to avoid fighting in one themselves and, those who make their living sitting on their fat asses endorsing the former chicken-shits and otherwise mouthing off, are the first ones to point a finger at someone else for not being as "manly" as they imagine themselves to be.

    Mayor Bloomberg, Buy Those Handguns

  • which Ms. Coppola calls her "girliest" film, has been her most divisive, and the most acclaimed by far, "Lost in Translation," in which a glum middle-aged man strikes up an intimate connection with a lovely young woman, is the one that best conforms to a male fantasy.

    NYT > Home Page

  • She will wear the girliest of girly clothes & shoes to the grocery store.

    Sugar And Spice And Everything Awesome | Her Bad Mother

  • She gets much attention for her beautiful curly hair, and is just the girliest girl when she wants to be.

    Here comes ChubbyBunny « Bored Mommy

  • (In fairness, I didn't see Sex and the City 2 yet but will be soon with my girlfriend in exchange for her having to see Avatar -- which I argued really wasn't a "guy" film but more a family picture but alas I lost that argument so off I go to the girliest movie since He Is Just Not That Into You.)

    Dean Obeidallah: The Prince of Persia was a White Dude?!

  • Paint Your Wagon represents an odd marriage of convenience between the manliest cinematic genre (the Western) and the girliest one (the musical).

    My Year of Flops

  • Sybil's book club and diet plans; J. Anthony "murdering the hits" and his weekly recap of Spike-TV's "One Thousand Ways to Die", an "all boy" show that even piques the girliest girl's curiosity by way of J. Anthony's unique spin.

    Alice Singleton: The Tom Joyner Morning Show: A Requiem, Chicago Style

  • Nothing beats Paris in the Fall, partly because it gives you an excuse to bring all your girliest scarves, even if you are only staying for a few days.

    Off to Paris. And sharing my tea love.


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