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  • After a series of add-ons and modifications the whole house has been transformed into a fresh glass-lined living space including a garage, kitchen, family room, library, and a new stair linking three levels.

    A Place Combining Glass and “Darkness”: the Ansley Park Glass House in Atlanta

  • Everyone listening is lost in memory triggered by the vowels in the story of other people's mistakes, made real by being read between these glass-lined walls.

    Reading at the Anatomy Museum

  • Andrew Tyler sat among a dozen or so executives in a conference room, one wall glass-lined and exposed to the office, the other filled with windows looking out into the concrete and steel city.

    Cellphone Girl (Part II)

  • Exs.: "aspirin" (once a trademark of some Bayer company for salicylic-based pain reliever); "Thermos" (once a trademark attributable to a single source of glass-lined vacuum bottles).

    Define That Term #287

  • Wearing simple habits of black tunics, hooded scapulars, and long-sleeved cuculas or robes, the monks walk reverently through a glass-lined hallway - called a slype - that connects the monastery and the church, then bow before the altar, and take their places in high-backed choir stalls where they pray, sing, chant, and recite the liturgy.

    Sunday Reading

  • "For example, when cow manure for fertilizer is shipped or stored, it is usually held in glass-lined containers."

    Foul Play?

  • As a result, Iraqi officials or their proxies constantly shopped in Europe or Asia for everything from glass-lined vats for cooking biowarfare batches to specialized accelerometers.

    Fair Game

  • She had been assembling parts for the Milwaukee-based A. O. Smith, a manufacturer of glass-lined water heaters, for less than three weeks when the attack occurred.


  • He was known as a gifted taster and oenologist and pioneered the installation of easy-to-clean, metal, glass-lined fermentation tanks in 1926.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • On the southwestern side of the White Wizards 'shield, the light-blade gouged a pit so deep that what had been a raised stone road melted into a glass-lined pit.

    The Order War


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