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  • They resumed their passage through the gardens, skirting the frozen pools where Brother Simeon had chopped jagged holes to let in air to the fish below, and crossing the mill leat that fed the ponds by the narrow plank bridge glazed over with a thin and treacherous crust of ice.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin

  • Its eyes glazed over with apparent shock, and he realized that Vir - ginia must be consulting people at the other end.

    True Names

  • The bodyguard's eyes grew so wide that they seemed ready to burst, but then they glazed over into sightlessness.


  • Start Small and Simple Ross MacDonald Nathan Dungan worked with a family whose teenage son's eyes glazed over anytime the parents asked about what type of volunteer work he'd like to do.

    How to Raise a Philanthropist

  • If you glazed over that last sentence, read it again, since it capsulizes this entire chapter.


  • Randolph's clear blue eyes, when not glazed over in their customary scholarly abstraction, were, at least, honest ones.

    The English Witch

  • She played a number of waltzes and then left the piano and watched amused as Esco arose and, to no accompaniment other than his own whistling, performed a solitary shuffle step during which his eyes glazed over and his head bobbed like it hung by a string.

    Cold Mountain

  • Even when the artificer made sure to mention Tawnos's inventions, such as the triskelion, a mobile fortification, the eyes of the nobles glazed over and Tawnos could almost hear their ears clicking off.

    The Brothers' War

  • Farraday's eyes were glazed over as he stuffed his handkerchief back in his pocket, leaned across the table, and pointed his finger at Jury.

    the dirty duck


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