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  • n. The end-state of globalization – a hypothetical condition in which the process of globalization is complete or nearly so, barriers have fallen, and "a new global reality" is emerging.


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  • What do you mean by "globality" and how is that different from "globalization?"

    Why 'Globality' Matters Now

  • Taking globality as a given, it asked, "" What kind of globality? ''

    Birth Of A Buzzword

  • The sad thing is that if the Big Three has thought in terms of real global trends -- in oil prices, in changing attitudes about global warming -- instead of dispensing smokescreens such as Nardelli's "globality," Detroit might be providing leadership rather than lurching toward its imminent demise.

    Matthew DeBord: "Globality" and the U.S. Car Business Go Down for the Count

  • They certainly didn't proffer gibberish like "globality" as they watched competitors pursue the 21st-century, environmentally friendlier technologies that would ensure their survival.

    Matthew DeBord: "Globality" and the U.S. Car Business Go Down for the Count

  • Of course, according to Nardelli, Chrysler's future wasn't all about these isolated, flashy products -- it was about a new era of what he called "globality" for the automaker.

    Matthew DeBord: "Globality" and the U.S. Car Business Go Down for the Count

  • Citigroup will keep its international reach, maintaining the "globality" that Pandit said last year was the bank's defining strength.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • We'd been allowing repatriated cash to come back into the US tax free since Clintonomics and most US companies don't actually pay 35% anymore (what did GS pay last year, 1% effective because of their 'globality'?).

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • The first session, "Institution-building: New Perspectives, Common Practices, Future Goals," was moderated by the Serpentine Gallery's Hans Ulrich Obrist, who (as he often does) quoted Caribbean thinker Edouard Glissant's concept of mondialité (globality) and his idea for an institution as an archipelago, a network of nodes rather than the traditional monolith.

    ARTINFO: Is Middle Eastern Art 500 Years Behind The West?

  • Consider how Pheng Cheah expresses his skepticism about the Public Culture version of cosmopolitanism: "The globality of the everyday," he writes, "does not necessarily engender an existing popular global consciousness" (31).


  • And, since I reject globalisation, globality and all other varieties of planet wide hegemony, by whatever name called, I reject calls for taking sides by invoking Martin Neimuller.

    Endless Night


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