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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of globalize.


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  • Is it just me (and my inadequate knowledge of economics), or does anyone else see a similarity between the priniciple of comparative advantage playing out in globalized, international free trade and sectional trade in the U.S.?

    Matthew Yglesias » The Southern Way

  • To say that the financial system has become globalized is a cliché.

    Different Drummers

  • No other word globalized by English evokes the mix of pleasure and peril that surrounds safari.

    The English Is Coming!

  • And this is the drama of this world which many call globalized, is that Asia, Arabic countries, Latin America, are much more ahead in being healthy, educated, having human resources than they are economically.

    Hans Rosling's new insights on poverty

  • I mean, this so-called globalized economy, you know, there's this export of American jobs wholesale to China and Indonesia and Bangladesh, and now we hear the president and we hear leaders of the Congress say, well, you can't get Americans to do these jobs, so we need to import cheap labor.

    CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2006

  • "The crux of the film is isolation in a so-called globalized world," Mehta said.

    Brandon Sun Online - Top Stories

  • The point you are missing in your analysis is that the US economy has "globalized" to the extent there is no US economy anymore, because the currecny and trading area is international.

    Worrying About Demand, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • As nations have revolted against the injustice of the debts that forced them into this "globalized" economy, the crisis allows the reimplementation of the "yoke of debt."

    The Economic Crisis is a Security Threat

  • Couldn't be that Washington is sacrificing our country's economy and citizens in order to bulk up and impress some of those G-20 attendees that are now heavily invested due to this "globalized" economy in American businesses and now even real estate, and more and more even our public utilities and infrastrucure at this point.

    Home Foreclosures On The Rise: Nevada, Arizona, California Top Lists

  • A "globalized" Keynesian program of stimulus spending, funded by aid and loans from the North, is a very limited response to this problem.

    Walden Bello: Keynes: A Man for This Season?


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