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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of glob.


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  • IOW McVeigh was a messed up individual and would have globbed onto anything or any excuse to actout.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Timothy McVeigh Was No Libertarian: The Fallacy of Conflating Two Very Different Types of “Anti-Government” Movements

  • I may be wrong, but it looked as though that 'War Cake' had whole fruits persimmons, I think coated in chocolate and globbed onto the sides.

    Signs of Trouble

  • At the end of a day of hot roofing, these proud men were filthy, stinky, and their clothing was globbed with black nasties.

    I gots yoo nao yoo dastardly - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • I'm a fan of Ron Howard's early work, from Grand Theft Auto to Night Shift to Splash, and consider Apollo 13 a triumphantly can-do piece of popular entertainment, but have found his later stuff ponderously paced and globbed with boring good intentions.

    Opie Dei: James Wolcott

  • Some of it fell back, and much of the rest globbed together and became the moon.

    Next Generation: Student Planetary Science

  • I went to the several thousand year old Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, stayed for 40 kuai per person per night at a little hotel on the site of the ancient British Consulate, and toured the old town, which could easily have been in Egypt or an Arab country, with its winding dead ends and straw/mud houses kind of all globbed together.

    Travelogue 2005-2006 « Peace Corps: China

  • Personally I think that stuff should be considered separately, since no way is there any single or even globbed-together politic or ethic that unites all people with “trans experiences.”

    Language around trans, how it works, how it doesn’t…

  • Here's some more detail on that federal legislation introduced by Congressman Rick Boucher and Senator John Warner and, it appears, Jim Webb has now globbed on officially declaring what the natives here already know to be true - Southwest Virginia is fast becoming one big wilderness area.

    From On High

  • The onion rings were all globbed together so they didnt impress me.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Despite the fact that I spent the better part of the hour and a half trying to decide if I was more revolted by the glob of spittle clinging to the corner of Furious George's mouth or the policies he tried to stumblingly articulate through said globbed-up piehole, I did manage to pay attention to the content of the debate.

    Kerry: 3-0


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