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  • adj. Resembling a globe.


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globe +‎ -like


  • The company is celebrating its residency at Rosslyn's Artisphere (the globelike building that once housed the Newseum) with a couple of plays in repertory -- "Mary Stuart" and "Richard III."

    On stage in October

  • Whereas the latter resembled an old-fashioned hip flask with a couple of warp nacelles tucked underneath it, this vessel was comprised of an elegant central cylinder, two powerful-looking nacelles suspended above it, and a roomy, globelike appendage in front.

    Starfleet Year One

  • And when Cagney commits suicide rather than give up – standing cockily on that gigantic globelike gas tank (in a field of gas tanks), shooting directly into it, yelling, "Top o 'the world, Ma!" just before his world blasts into smithereens – it is among the most ambiguously thrilling moments in movie history.

    Bobcat Is Back With a Big-Ass Show ��� Cagney and Raoul Walsh ��� An Actress Speaks

  • She raised the glass again, and the angle of light showed it to be a wineglass, a large, globelike glass.

    The End of the Pier

  • Then it instantane - ously erupted into a huge, globelike inferno of death.

    Flint the King

  • I saw to my surprise, that the man, he who had been called Kunguni, drew forth, from beneath his tunic, a sewn, padded mound of cloth, heavy, globelike, with dangling straps.

    Explorers Of Gor

  • The vines-of-own were lined with flowers of bright pink, with pollen pods which sat globelike within them.


  • The city seemed entirely to encompass them; and every little rock-peak had upon its top a globelike dwelling.

    Wandl the Invader

  • Even the pale yellow lemons, that hung in such profusion from the mouldering trellis and along the dim arcades, seemed to have caught a richer colour from the wonderful sunlight, and the magnolia trees opened their great globelike blossoms of folded ivory and filled the air with a sweet heavy perfume.

    The Birthday of the Infanta

  • This year globelike there are no fierce seasonal and routine fluctuations in temperature.

    Article directories Celibataire Urbaine


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