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  • n. Plural form of globin.


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  • It is worth mentioning that Thalassemia is the result of a genetic defect leading to severe shortages in the production of particular proteins in the blood 'globins' ', which is the main component of the haemoglobin found in red blood cell.

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  • Why is it that all vertebrates seem to have related genes for globins?

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  • We know that we all (as in all life) have structurally similar ribosomal RNA, F1/F0 ATPases and globins, derived at one point from common ancestor genes as they have sequence similarities that can connect any life form to any other (through intermediaries).

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  • The elucidation of this structure and its resemblance to the mammalian globins as determined by Perutz and Kendrew in their classical studies suggested for the first time a universal globin fold.

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  • GLB-1 exhibits high ligand affinity, which is, however, lower than in other globins with the same distal TyrB10-GlnE7 amino-acid pair.

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  • We expressed the globins in a bacterial system, characterized the purified proteins by optical and resonance Raman spectroscopy, measured the kinetics and equilibria of O2 binding and determined the crystal structure of GLB-1* (CysGH2Ser mutant).

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  • Although their translated amino acid sequences fit the globin fold, a variety of amino-acid substitutions and extentions generate a wide structural diversity among the putative globins.

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  • GLB-1* displays the classical three-over-three alfa helical sandwich of vertebrate globins, assembled in a homodimer associated through facing E - and F-helices.

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  • [2] The causal mutations are those within genes responsible for beta globins (blood proteins).

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  • Ten years ago, two unique mammalian globins were discovered.

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