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  • n. A ball; a globe; a globose body. Specifically


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  • For people in a coma, the brain region called the globus palladis, which regulates voluntary movement, is damaged, and it stops the action of the thalamus, which regulates consciousness.

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  • As Gratiolet remarks, whenever our attention is long concentrated on any subject, we forget to breathe, and then relieve ourselves by a deep inspiration; but the sighs of a sorrowful person, owing to his slow respiration and languid circulation, are eminently characteristic. 1 As the grief of a person in this state occasionally recurs and increases into a paroxysm, spasms affect the respiratory muscles, and he feels as if something, the so-called globus hystericus, was rising in his throat.

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • A royal globus cruciger, a hand-sized ball topped with a cross, solid gold, studded with rubies and diamonds.

    The Black Madonna

  • At the other end of the ‘globus intellectualis,’ nearest, not to earth and sense, but to heaven and God, is the personality of man, by which he holds communion with the unseen world.


  • A tear rolls down his cheek, as the globus hystericus in his throat constricts his breathing.

    A reply

  • I bought these new globus pickles and the quality is not as good, they are now made in india instead of mexico, the pickles are smaller, and taste different.

    do i worry too much?

  • I am now eating some jewish brand of pickles which come in a can but they have too much garlic! damn bicks and damn globus!

    do i worry too much?

  • I am so glad other people recognise that globus have screwed up the bicks polski ogorki pickes.

    do i worry too much?

  • I was just looking on the web for the globus customer feedback email so I could complain - i have eaten bicks my whole life - I am so disappointed

    do i worry too much?

  • (Whenever a girl comes by with a rather small middle part of the body) sub quo manifestus globus, inflammare animos

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