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  • n. Any enzyme that hydrolyzes the glucoside bond in starches and dextrins


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  • Increased 2011 year-to-date product revenue from Grain and Oilseed Processing product lines as a percentage of product revenue to approximately 40% from approximately 30% in the same period in 2010 through increasing sales of Company's newer enzymes including Fuelzyme® alpha-amylase, Xylathin™ xylanase, Veretase® alpha-amylase, Deltazym® GA L-E5 glucoamylase and Purifine® PLC;

  • Product revenues for the six months ended for the same period in the prior year, primarily due to an increase in revenues from grain processing enzymes, including Fuelzyme® alpha-amylase, Veretase® alpha-amylase, Deltazym® GA L-E5 glucoamylase and Xylathin™ xylanase.

  • Grew 2011 year-to-date revenues from the Company's grain processing enzymes, including Fuelzyme® alpha-amylase, Deltazym® GA L-E5 glucoamylase, Veretase® alpha-amylase and Xylathin™ xylanase, by 35% over the same period in 2010; and

  • Invented in 1957 by Richard Marshall and Earl Kooi, the chemically altered corn product is produced by milling corn to create starch; treating this starch with alpha-amylase to produce short chains of sugars, called oligosaccharides; treating these oligosaccharides with glucoamylase, a fungus further breaking down the sugar chains to yield simple sugar glucose; then adding an enzyme, xylose isomerase, converting this glucose into fructose.

    Iowa State Daily

  • The process starts off with corn kernels, yes, but then that corn is spun at a high velocity and combined with three other enzymes: alpha-amylase, glucoamylase, and xylose isomerase, so that it forms a thick syrup that's way sweeter than sugar and super cheap to produce.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • High-fructose corn syrup could be all-natural, if cornstarch happened to fall into a vat of alpha-amylase, soak there for a while, then trickle into another vat of glucoamylase, get strained to remove the

    Find Me A Cure


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