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  • n. The reaction of a biological substance with glucuronic acid


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  • Prolongs its half life from 14 minutes to a 9-hour survival in the blood circulation by conjugating with (locking onto) sulfur and glucuronate in the liver (called glucuronidation).

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  • The sites of glucuronidation reactions are substrates having an oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur bond.


  • Conjugation glucuronidation and other mechanisms of metabolic clearance of BPA thus vary throughout life.

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  • Levesque E, Bellemare J, Journault K, Caillier B, et al. (2007) Genetic diversity at the UGT1 locus is amplified by a novel 3′ alternative splicing mechanism leading to nine additional UGT1A proteins that act as regulators of glucuronidation activity.

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  • This glucuronidation reaction converts hydrophobic aglycones to water-soluble glucuronides and enhances their excretion from the body Mammalian and avian genomes contain a single Ugt1 cluster divided into two major groups: constant-proximal bilirubin group and constant-distal phenol group

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  • It readily undergoes metabolism via Epub 2007 Jan 20. glucuronidation and sulphation to produce Resveratrol inhibits proliferation, induces apoptosis, and overcomes chemoresistance through down-regulation of STAT3 and nuclear factor - {kappa} B - corresponding metabolites.

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  • Glucosinolates increase Phase II glucuronidation activity, one of the primary pathways through which toxins that are made even more dangerous by Phase I, are rendered water-soluble and ready for elimination from the body.

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  • The reactions examined here include methylation, sulfation, glucuronidation, acetylation, conjugation with glutathione, while there is also a rigorous presentation of the pivotal role of xenobiotic-coenzyme A conjugates as a crossroads to various metabolic reactions.

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  • These inter - have relatively reduced CYP450 capability, actions are also beloved by multiple-choice ques - although this is uneven, and glucuronidation of tion composers. bilirubin at birth is especially poor.

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  • Bilirubin, an oxidative end product of heme catabolism, is excreted by liver after glucuronidation by hepatic uridine diphosphate-glucuronyl transferase

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