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  • noun Alternative form of gluepot.


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  • I am become rather dextrous in the use of the plane and the glue-pot, and find a demand that I am hardly able to satisfy.

    Letter 191

  • The glue-pot, the mallet, the chisel-handle, the planes, the saws, the hone with its cover, and the other paraphernalia are all represented with extraordinary accuracy and forethought.

    George Cruikshank

  • I then rushed for the glue-pot, and let me here remark that _very strong_ glue is an absolute necessity, or the cones will continually drop off.

    Little Folks (October 1884) A Magazine for the Young

  • He has just come in with his glue-pot, his quire of green paper, and his great scissors.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • As, however, he did not immediately appear, I heard afterwards that she had gone up-stairs, and found him pulling down his sleeves and shaking off pieces of wood, and generally endeavouring to render his appearance respectable; which was made the more difficult as, in the course of his operations, he had dipped his elbow in the glue-pot, and was considerably embarrassed by the fringe of shavings which he was unable to detach.

    The Story of the White-Rock Cove

  • So, filled with remorse, Beth went after the glue-pot.

    What Two Children Did

  • Elise can do wonders with crêpe paper and the glue-pot.

    The Lilac Lady

  • To prepare hot glue, break it into small pieces, soak it in enough cold water to cover it well, until it is soft, say twelve hours, and heat in a glue-pot or double boiler, Fig. 243, p. 148.

    Handwork in Wood

  • A certain high-priest in these mysteries, called Vuillaume, with the help of a sacred vessel, called the glue-pot, soon re-wedded the back and sides to the belly, and the Bass now is just what it was when the ruffian Ortega put his finger in the pie.

    The Violin Its Famous Makers and Their Imitators

  • We knew the use of a glue-pot, and how to paper a room.

    Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century


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