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  • adj. Resembling glue or some aspect of it.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

glue +‎ -like


  • The thyroid gland consists of millions of tiny hormone-producing follicles, each filled with a colloidal (that is, jellylike) substance called, simply enough, qollaidf "gluelike" G).

    The Human Brain

  • Knifelike things, razorlike things, gluelike things.

    The Kitchen Daughter

  • He dipped his pink fingers into the gluelike cassava paste, then he plunged the paste into the soup.

    Amaryllis in Blueberry

  • Nits are attached to hair with a gluelike substance.

    Tired of Nit-Picking? Lice Are Peskier Than Ever

  • You should do this at once, so any seeped juice does not cool down and become gluelike under your tarts.

    Growing Food

  • These super-lightweight materials, made of carbon fibers held together by a gluelike substance, transformed weekend tennis and golf a few years ago by making racquets and clubs lighter, stiffer and more powerful.


  • The female lays her eggs with a gluelike secretion which enables her to fasten them ecurely in concealed areas where they will remain protected and steadfast until they hatch.

    Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

  • Fantner of the University of California at Santa Barbara and his colleagues took the highest-resolution images yet of human bone, which showed gluelike filaments holding the fibrils together.

    Human Bones and Abalone shells | Impact Lab

  • Their passing of items had a slow, gluelike exaggeration to it.

    The Wall

  • Closing his eyes, and picking his words with difficulty, a tall, fair peasant drawls in thick, gluelike tones:

    Through Russia


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