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  • v. Present participle of glug.


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  • The multitalented Mickey Katz provided "glugging" vocal sound effects for

    Playback:stl Syndication

  • The idea was to have an innovative cap that easily and securely sealed just by pressing on it, and one that easily poured without "glugging," the primary reason for spilling.


  • Now they tell us, after decades of nagging that constantly glugging H20 was the secret of well-being and anyone who resisted would end up as a parched, wizened crone on an early deathbed.

    We need Charlie Gilmour to keep free speech alive | Barbara Ellen

  • The flight was smooth and I probably looked calm, but the overpriced Inglenook I was glugging proved powerless to slow my racing pulse.

    The One Who Derailed Me

  • He was a manager in pubs and hotels all his life, but after his marriage broke down, he found himself glugging his way into severe alcoholism.

    Johann Hari: The Conservative Assault on the Homeless

  • We were glugging red wine from plastic flagons, going to Nice to beg on the beach.

    Temporary Passport

  • They were glugging the stuff about once a chapter by the end.

    Harry Potter and the A-Z of magic

  • He will not produce a hip flask of gin, as our Prince Charles and his wife did when they visited the abstemious George W. Bushes at HQ a few years ago, glugging back a couple of stiff ones before walking into dinner.

    Everything You Always Wanted To Know About David Cameron

  • It's revealing that the countries that have done this hardest and fastest - like South Korea, which spent a fortune on employing people to green the country's infrastructure - have been the first to pull out of this recession, while the countries glugging Republican-juice have sunk deeper into the gloop.

    Johann Hari: The Demands of the Deficit Hawks Won't Cure - They'll Kill

  • None of the victims, no matter how negligible their pre-murder part, goes out without a protracted fight, lavishly soundtracked with glugging and wheezing.

    Dream Home – review


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