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  • Next, she hefts an unwieldy tubular bag of red glurp, the same nutrition labelless stuff that Cake Cottage staffer Susan Staehling says is great on waffles.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • Id require nutrition information on every bag of fruity glurp I carry because, face it, Id go out of business if I didnt sell Sweetex frosting and bags of fruity glurp, which can be smeared on my customers waffles the next morning.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • The duo Matmos confronts criticism that electronica is “cold” and “inhuman” by employing source material that emanates from the body: samples from plastic surgery-the snap of cracking bones, the glurp of extruded fat.

    Disquiet » Best CDs of 2001

  • This contrasts with stern assertions from the Corn Refiners Association, who maintain that the corny glurp is no different than sugar, and that we shouldn't fear it (and they even run TV ads to this effect).

    Summit Daily News - Top Stories

  • P. falciparum vaccine antigens, including the pre-erythrocytic antigens csp, trap, lsa1 and glurp; the merozoite antigens eba175, ama1, msp's 1, 3 and 4, and the gametocyte antigen pfs48/45.

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  • The cluster and network analyses supported strong among region structure (and lower within location diversity) for csp, pfs48/45 and glurp and that within regions for trap and lsa1, albeit much weaker geographic structuring for the latter antigen.

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  • Only small sample sizes were available for glurp and pfs48/45 so we caution that the results for these antigens may be biased and thus should be interpreted with care.

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  • Why then, do we have at least one article per week decrying the latest glurp spewed by Beck or one of the others? Main RSS Feed

  • From the fuzz of a blank tape comes a silent machine squirting squiggles of batter into Twinkie-shaped tins for about five seconds; for two seconds, they silently emerge half-baked I guess; for a few more seconds, a machine silently squirts some more glurp into the Twinkies; they emerge golden brown, silently, for another couple of seconds; an automated wrapper drops logo cellophane on the treats without so much as a crinkle; finally, the wrapped, finished Twinkies fall in an orderly, silent way onto a conveyor belt covered with white fabric or paper towel material, like an antimacassar.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • LnP (D) is shown for nsSNP haplotypes of (A) csp, (B) trap, (C) lsa1, (D) ama1, (E) eba175, (F) msp1, (G) msp3, (H) msp4, (I) glurp and (J) pfs48/45.

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