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  • noun organic chemistry The univalent radical derived from glutamine.


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  • Because glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase does not possess a spatially separate editing domain, these data demonstrate that a pre-transfer editing-like reaction can occur within the synthetic site of a class I tRNA synthetase.

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  • This hydrolysis of glutaminyl adenylate represents a novel reaction that is directly analogous to the pre-transfer editing hydrolysis of noncognate aminoacyl adenylates by editing synthetases such as isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase.

    Analogy, How Scientifically Powerful is It?

  • A similar mechanism can be suggested for FLG2 repeats to aggregate lysine-rich proteins because these repeats almost lack cysteine or lysine residues but contain high glutamine contents, implicating that they may act as amino acceptors in transglutaminase-catalyzed reactions to generate glutaminyl-lysine cross-links with neighbouring proteins

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  • They concentrated their attention on the enzyme glutaminyl cyclase (QC), found in higher quantities in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

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  • 1999 Gene descent, duplication, and horizontal transfer in the evolution of glutamyl- and glutaminyl-tRNA synthetases.

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