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  • n. Any of a family of small redox enzymes that use glutathione as a cofactor


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  • So far, UF researchers have pinpointed one, a gene involved in production of glutaredoxin, a protein that helps plants deal with environmental stress.

    University of Florida News

  • That intermediary is a human protein called GRX2, a glutaredoxin that helps cells deal with oxidative damage on other proteins.

    R&D Mag - News

  • Bacteria also face to oxidative stress, as indicated by the increase expression of phbC (poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase), trxB2 (thioredoxin) and grxC1 (glutaredoxin).

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • a GSH-mixed disulfide mechanism for glutaredoxin catalysis in contrast to the dithiol mechanism for thioredoxin.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • GTO3 encodes an omega class glutathione-S-transferase having glutaredoxin activity, which is suggested to maintain an adequate redox state of specific target proteins, not in the general defense against oxidative stress [

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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