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  • n. Plural form of glycoconjugate.


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  • The various glycoconjugates showed a marked decrease in aggregation and an increase in residual activity after incubation.

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  • Singh T, Liu JH, Tsai MS, et al. (2006) Interactions of the fucose-specific Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectin, PA-IIL, with mammalian glycoconjugates bearing polyvalent Lewis (a) and ABH blood group glycotopes.

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  • Albeit mycobacteria reside within phagolysosomes of the infected macrophages, envelope glycoconjugates like Lipoarabinomannan (LAM), phosphatidyl - myo-inositol mannosides (PIM), Trehalose 6,6′-dimycolate (TDM; cord factor) etc., are released and traffic out of the mycobacterial phagosome into endocytic compartments as well as can gain access to the extracellular environment in the form of exocytosed vesicles

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  • Kozutsumi, Y.; Kawasaki, T.; Suzuki, A.: Biosynthesis of N-gly - colylneuraminic acid-containing glycoconjugates.

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  • Increased ST6Gal I activity has been associated with the alpha (2,6) sialylation enhancement of membrane glycoconjugates observed in metastatic colorectal carcinomas (CRC).

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  • In - corporation of N-glycoloylneuraminic acid into glycoconjugates is gener - ally controlled by the amount of hydroxylase protein expressed in a tissue [17];, the enzyme plays a decisive role in governing the relative amounts of N-acetylneuraminate and N-acetylglycolylneuraminate occur - ing in the glycoconjugates of a tissue [23]) (Reversibility:?

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  • T. cruzi trans-sialidase (TcTS), a modified sialidase that instead of hydrolyze sialic acid, transfer the sugar from host glycoconjugates to α-galactoses present in mucins of the parasite surface (reviewed in

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