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  • n. Plural form of glycoprotein.


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  • Giuseppe Palmisano and his colleagues report in the Journal of Proteome Research that substances called glycoproteins - proteins coated with sugars - could be at the root of many wine allergies.

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  • Agents identified as glycoproteins is the sex-promoting ingredients in the plant.

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  • Scientists thwart wine allergies Sulfites long have been blamed for wine allergies, but new research suggests molecules called glycoproteins might be a bigger culprit. Top headlines

  • Envelope-bound animal viruses instruct the host's endoplasmic reticulum to make certain proteins, called glycoproteins, which then collect in clumps along the cell membrane.

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  • The expression sites for variant surface glycoproteins of Trypanosoma brucei.

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  • All the plasma proteins are glycoproteins, except for albumin.

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  • The liver recognizes and destroys all glycoproteins that are missing their sialic acids, inactivating the glycoproteins.

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  • The small oligosaccharides in glycoproteins of mammalian tissues are formed with just a few monosaccharides and neuraminic acid is the predominate one.

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  • Neuraminic acid is one of the major species of sugars found in humans and it is a component of practically all the glycoproteins.

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  • If one pile of a bridge is damaged, this leads to a weakening of the whole bridge, which becomes a hazard to those crossing it; just as our cell membranes are a hazard to us when their glycoproteins are functionally damaged.

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