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  • adj. Resembling a gnat or some aspect of one; tiny, insignificant.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

gnat +‎ -like


  • “While the operation might have been substantial,” said Lingafelt, “her role was more gnatlike.”


  • The farmer runs his fingers through the yellow kernels, and draws back in revulsion: the bag is infested with weevils, gnatlike bugs that can quickly destroy a whole crop.

    'Nigeria Could Feed Africa'

  • This online version was prepared as a part of a program to deliver Popper's thoughts in condensed form to cater to the gnatlike concentration span of modern students and their aversion to books and libraries.

    Guest Blogging at Free Exchange - The Austrian Economists

  • As soon as the chestnut set foot on the dike section of the path, clouds of gnatlike insects swarmed up around the riders.

    Alector's Choice

  • From gnatlike clusters of words, I gathered that she knew Delores Del Rio and some of the Barrymore family.

    Borrowed Finery, A Memoir

  • Columbus had to supervise everything himself; and no wonder that by the end of May, when he was ready to sail, his patience and temper were exhausted and his much-tried endurance broke down under the petty gnatlike irritations of Fonseca and his myrmidons.

    Christopher Columbus

  • Its steady emergency lighting didn’t seem to attract as many of the gnatlike creatures, and the spill of emergency supplies from the shattered shell of one bulkhead reminded him that there was work he could do here before he had to make any irrevocable decisions about his future.

    The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect

  • It was his annual task to rid my mother’s house of all the moths and mites and fleas and gnatlike creatures that take up residence in the cereal boxes of southern Connecticut during the damp and muggy summers.

    No More Words


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