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  • Dumplings made of flour, semolina, or potatoes, boiled or baked and served with grated cheese or a sauce.

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  • n. Italian pasta-like dumplings made of potato or semolina.

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  • n. (Italian) a small dumpling made of potato or flour or semolina that is boiled or baked and is usually served with a sauce or with grated cheese


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Italian, pl. of gnocco, probably alteration of nocchio, knot in wood.

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From Italian gnocchi, plural of gnocco ("dumpling", literally "lump"), from nocchio ("knot (in wood)"), from Lombardic *knohha (“knuckle, bone, knot”), from Proto-Germanic *knukōn (“bone”), *kneukaz (“tuber, knuckle”), from Proto-Indo-European *gneu- (“knot, bundle”). Cognate with Middle High German knoche ("bone, knot"), Middle Dutch knoke ("knuckle, knob, knot"), Swedish knoge ("knuckle"). More at knuckle.


  • So, egged on by some of those who shared my shock when the word "gnocchi" showed up in a late round along with really hard words it was a SCANDAL!

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  • I often make this dish in gnocchi form, so the pumpikin is more pronounced and I pair it with a balanced style of Sauvignon (perhaps Cheatau de Sancerre or Livio Felluga Sauvignon Collio).

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  • This particular variation on the pte choux gnocchi is formally called gnocchi la romaine, and is a great substitute for potatoes or polenta, with its rich, creamy texture and mild flavor.


  • For the prίmo pίatto, the chef had chosen to serve a dish he called gnocchi—small dumplings made with potato flour.

    The Book of Unholy Mischief

  • When you see the word gnocchi you probably initially think of the typical potato variety.

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  • The tasting menu, which changes daily, is comprised of America dishes, such as grilled elk chop and oyster, mushroom and potato gnocchi, which is made from fresh seasonal ingredients--some of which are grown nearby in the restaurant garden.

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  • The gnocchi was a little overdone, but kudos for creative flavors (peach and pistachio).

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  • The gnocchi was a beautifully presented plate, with a large portion with shaved Parmesan and a big, fresh basil leaf adorning the pile of steaming pesto-coated gnocchi.

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  • Dining The Italian menu at Nëo changes with the seasons, but local produce is a staple in dishes such as gnocchi and veal agnolotti.

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  • On the suggested menu: Stewed Chicken and Flat Bread from Gubbio recipes follow, Salad, Pasta such as gnocchi, and

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