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  • n. a usually evil and dog-like humanoid creature found in various forms in fantasy literature and video games


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According to A Brief History of Gnolls, by Paul Haynie, they were created by Lord Dunsany in "How Nuth Would Have Practiced His Art Upon the Gnoles", and the name was likely derived from a playing field of the Welsh All Blacks known as the Gnoll, whose name likely originated from English knoll.


  • The ambush tactics of the gnolls were successful at first, though Fabi's Glitterdust spell had blinded half of the gnoll archers on top of the cliff, the heroes had trouble trying to reach their enemies and actually harm them.

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  • Yng, Fabi and Ulfgar started to rush up the the path to reach the top of the cliff, but a gnoll shaman slowed them down with a Grease spell.

    D&D last night

  • It even carried it over to the monsters, so that you might face a gnoll ranger or a goblin monk.

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  • After the gnoll kill quests was done, we moved on to hunt black dragon whelps and vultures.

    Crossfire: Murloc Massacre

  • They entered boldly, and immediately ran into four gnoll warriors.

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  • One example: After killing a gnoll chieftain and his bodyguards, we were in his lair and about to begin the usual looting.


  • I'm including the plot summary of the introduction of a recent area full of gnoll slavers aimed at lowbies as an example We try to write up histories of any plots that go on so that participants and observers feel like they've gotten the whole story.


  • He was always showering me with gifts: first was 20 bales of wool, then a magic belt, 6 linen bags, and some gnoll spittle.

    Advice for the lovelorn

  • I returned to him his son, taken by the gnoll Lord Elgnub.

    MMOG Nation » 2004 » March

  • The instance we played through was the stony gnoll lair we had previously seen at GDC, and while the lower-level foes (mostly small gnolls and giant spiders) didn't present much of a challenge, the huge, red-furred gnoll chieftain was an entirely different matter, and required

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