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  • noun Plural form of gnoll.


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  • Also, depends on a city allowing even washed-and-brushed gnolls to rove around free.

    RPG Superstar 2009: Villain Round « Geek Related

  • When Yng made it to the top, he burned the gnolls with a fire spell, and the tide turned in favour of the heroes.

    D&D last night

  • Though there were still some gnolls left on the other cliff, Paythan destroyed their bridge down to the path and Ulfgar cast a Mist spell to cover their retreat.

    D&D last night

  • The ambush tactics of the gnolls were successful at first, though Fabi's Glitterdust spell had blinded half of the gnoll archers on top of the cliff, the heroes had trouble trying to reach their enemies and actually harm them.

    D&D last night

  • Hold on tight. and teleported him to the top of the cliff, right in the middle of the gnolls.

    D&D last night

  • Though this was not exactly what he had planned, Paythan courageously attacked the gnolls, but there were indeed a lot of them.

    D&D last night

  • Reaching the top of a mountain, the path was suddenly flanked by tall stone cliffs and on top of the cliffs were gnolls, hiding behind small, makeshift walls, shooting at them.

    D&D last night

  • The heroes took the sturdy longbows the gnolls were using and resumed their way across the mountains to Dalaran.

    D&D last night

  • Jareth used to be a very short-lived character; his getting killed in a duel is the start of the story, after which his horribly spoiled sister, basically Paris Hilton dropped on her ass in a fantasy setting, recruits a regiment of gnolls and a gnome as her assistant to pursue his killer.


  • The Reverend and Bill said what my biggest gripe is: why can I skin worgen (wolf-people) and yetis (mountain ape-people) but not gnolls (hyena-people)?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Today’s Comic: “It’s the little things”


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